Branding Portfolio

  • cardastic needed an identity. The logo was created for a printing sector, with the product they sell and with the full company...

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  • atlantisenterprises

    Atlantis Enterprises

    Atlantis Enterprises needed an identity. The logo was created with the company name initials the AE, we used blue colour scheme with...

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  • platinumglobalservices

    Platinum Global Services

    Platinum Global Services needed an identity. The logo was created for a marketing sector, we used green and orange colour scheme with...

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  • myhotelsmalta

    My Hotels Malta

    My Hotels Malta approached us to design stationary for their business. We branded their current logo with a new colour scheme.

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  • drifter


    Drifter is a mini-bus company that wished their logo to look as if it ‘drifted’. Taking in consideration that it has to...

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  • connectingpeople

    Connecting People

    Connecting People logo design was created for a client who merges company contacts together for meetings and business. The white represents...

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  • globet


    Globet contacted us to revamp their old logo and we were delighted to do so. Keeping their old colour scheme, we modernised it and...

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  • xsgarage

    XS Garage

    XS Garage needed an identity. The logo was created by featuring highways, roads and a car visual and used an orange with white colour...

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  • correct

    Correct Social Media

    These socila media specialists wanted their logo as clean and simple as possible. After it was designed, it was coupled with social...

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  • drivebooker

    Drive Booker

    Drive Booker contacted us to revamp their old logo and give it a new face. We featured yellow and blue in their colour scheme as they...

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  • etoileblanche

    etoile blanche

    etoile blanche is a luxury startup that creates jewellery and needed a logo. Branding Prestige which specialises in luxury branding...

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  • exclusivevideo

    Exclusive Video Productions

    Their logo was revamped and we gave it a new modern lo0k. Inspired by the old tri-color TV pixels, the left abstract illustration was...

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  • eyretravel

    Eyre Travel

    Eyre Travel wanted a revamp of their old logo so they contacted us to have it modernised. They specialise in Passenger and Cargo air...

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  • greecelighning

    Greece Lighning

    A greek website that specialises in web information and socialisation. Needed a brand that is powerful and clean. Zeus was chosen out...

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  • handheldninja

    Handheld Ninja

    Handheld Ninja is a future project which is still in the pipeline. The logo is designed based on our Art Director’s famous ninja...

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  • kubees


    Kubees is a little logo for an artist who featured cubed cows. Utilising a fun type-face and placed a cow looking texture made out...

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  • liquidgold

    Liquid Gold

    Liquid Gold is a maltese company that harvest olive oil in Greece. They approached us to brand their entire branding and also do product...

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  • maverik

    Maverik MMA

    Maverik MMA logo is created based on asian elements and their famous red, black and white colour scheme. The black ‘floor’...

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  • teamafrique

    Team Afrique

    Team Afrique is a company based in Africa hence the name. It needed to be very african looking, so earthy colours were used. This involved...

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  • totalycroatia

    Totaly Croatia

    Totaly Croatia is a small online venture that takes care of hotel stay in Croatia. They wanted their logo to be as vivid and bright...

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  • pencil3k


    Pencil3k is a venture which is in the pipeline but well… it involves pencils. The logo is inspired and based on pencil sketching...

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