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  • lovers

    A love story

    Two teenagers in love, having this nice cute personality and full of energy to stay together for life (Hopefully, as it’s hard...

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  • alien

    Alien NuNu

    Little NuNu always floats around in space. Wondering around and always happy in his little bubble. His suite gives him enough oxygen...

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  • animals

    Space cat

    Space cat is a little cat who is always spaced out in life, day dreaming and bumping into things. With the help of his two best friends...

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  • dinosaur


    Mr. Dino, the friendly green dinosaur was created for fun who later was brought to life in illustrator. He features big puppy looking...

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  • yinyang

    Yin Yang tv show

    Yin Yang is a maltese local TV series that features two opponents of different sexes fight in different challenges against each other....

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  • markclayton

    The founders of Branding Prestige

    The two humble founders of Branding Prestige processed in Illustrator. Both illustrations showing off their lively and happy characters...

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  • chineseafrican

    The Chinese & African fellas

    These little characters are both created with diversity in mind. We are against racism and  so these little dudes are dedicated to...

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  • man

    Stick your tongue out

    This little relaxed fellow, with tongue flapping syndrome was created as a little novelty character, inspired by the keyboard chat...

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  • pokerdevil

    Poker Devil

    This little character was created for a client as a concept as a poker mascot and was inspired by the spade in a pack of cards. This...

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  • Minja


    Minja is Mark’s personal ninja hence his name. He’s been an ongoing little fella, after numerous updates and refinements,...

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  • kubees


    Kubees is a small project for a client who wished for cubed cows to be illustrated. All created from scratch, started off as a simple...

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