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For the past years, Branding Prestige specialises in Branding – Illustration – Print – Web – Mobile. Our studio services have grown form local companies to international ones. Our clients spread through out the world, we have from small companies to very large both local and international. Each client has different needs and Branding Prestige always made its out most to keep its clients happy and most of all that they have results from our services. We offer a vast range of services that accommodate most company needs.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the best way to make an impact on your customers and to get new ones. Having a social media page to promote and advertise your products or services will attract people to buy your products or use your services. Nowadays population on the main social media is going very fast, it is attracting most internet users to interact with people and search for things they like so they can search a service or product you offer. We offer different marketing services from maintaining a social media page to a full marketing and online advertising. We also carry out consultancy on your current marketing and advertising and give you better results.

Marketing and Advertising services we offer:
– Social Media company page
– Social Media company advertising
– Search engines results company advertising
– Print & distribution of promotional & advertising material
– Nationwide advertising, marketing & online targeted marketing



Branding is one of the most important things that any business or company needs. It is the main element that attracts people to use your services, buy your products and most importantly, to maintain your brand awareness. Your brand says it all so it’s very important to transmit the right message to the people that reflects your services or products. We offer different branding services from a logo design to a full branding exercise. We also carry out consultancy on your current branding and see how we can rebrand it to have better results.

Branding services we offer:
– Branding consultancy
– Company image branding
– Products and services branding
– Printing of stationary, packaging, signage & stands
– Print & distribution of promotional & advertising material
– Websites for desktops, mobile and tablet
– Mobile and tablet applications
– Nationwide advertising, marketing & online targeted marketing

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Illustration can help your business grow and is being widely used by companies to rebrand or to modernise their self-image. Illustration design is widely used for large format printing because you can scale them endlessly without loosing one pixel of quality.

Illustration services we offer:
– Illustration based branding
– Logo design & re-design
– Character & Mascot creation
– Instructional illustrations
– Video game asset design & re-design
– Educational editorial illustration
– Illustration based websites, mobile & digital mediums

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Print is not dead! Print material is one of the most important things that generates business outside the internet. Your printed material must reflect your branding and image to make an impact with your services or products. We offer different design & print services from a business card to a full building wrapping.

Print services we offer:
– Stationary design and print
– Business cards, membership cards & PVC cards
– Promotional and Advertising material
– Distribution
– Packaging, banners, carton displays and promotional stands
– Posters, stickers, vinyls, vehicle and building wrapping
– Signage, 3D lettering, exhibition stands, backdrops & roll ups
– Shop signs & light boxes, large format printing, canvas banners & billboards

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A website is a must for any business or company that wants to grow and flourish. It is the main element that generates business and attracts online users to use your services and buy your products. It’s your 24/7 office or shop and generate sales while you sleep. Your website has to reflect your branding to make an impact with your customers. We offer different web services from a simple landing page to a full e-commerce website with responsive design to be also compatible with the latest mobiles & tablets.

Web services we offer:
– Website design and development
– Landing pages & satellite websites
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
– Social media applications & online marketing
– Web applications & interactive systems
– Flash & HTML animation, mailers & newsletters
– Website maintenance and hosting

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With nowadays rapid lifestyle, users are not using their computers often and the use of mobiles and tablets is growing everyday. People are using their mobiles to check mail, browse the web and buy online. Mobile related services is a rather new concept on the island and is being widely used but companies to keep up with todays’ trend. We offer different mobile services from a mobile website to a full game or company application.

Mobile services we offer:
– Mobile and tablet games
– Mobile and tablet applications
– Mobile and tablet eBook designs
– Mobile and tablet websites

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